Yihua 853D 3A 3in1 Power Supply, Soldering Iron and Hot Air


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Data sheet

Working voltage 230VAC EU, UK or AU plug
Iron power 75W
Iron heater element type 131A (ceramic)
Temperature control type PID controller
Iron Sleep Yes
Hot air element type 25 mm (1 in)
Air pump type Brushless fan
Hot air bracket sensor Yes

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 Yihua 853D 3 in 1 multifinctional tool has all the good benefits of a 2 in 1 rework station including soldering iron and hot air gun, but in addition addition it has a built in adjustable power supply and a 5V USB output port. The model is especially designed for mobile phone repairs.

Technical Data:

Power consumption:  720W+75W+45W=840W±10%(max)
Input Voltage: 230V

Hot Air:

Air flow: 120L/min
Output power: 700W
Temperature stability: ±2°C
Gun type: Brushless fan
Heater type: 25 mm
Gun Temperature range: 100-480°C

Soldering Iron:

Work Voltage : 26V AC
Output power: 75W
Temperature stability: ±2°C
Soldering Iron Temperature range: 200-480°C
Soldering Iron type: 907I
Heater type: 131A High quality, made in Japan

DC Power Supply:

Output power: 45W
Output voltage: 0-15V
Output current: 3A
Load stability: <0.01±2mv
Ripple dB: <1mvrms (virtual value)
Temperature coefficient: <300PPm/°C
Protection starting current: >standard value 10%
recovery time: <100us


  • Four LED screens for hot air temperature, soldering iron temperature, power supply voltage and current.
  • The current is accurately measured in mA precision and constantly updated
  • In addition to Yihua standart automatic mode, air gun also has a manual mode switch. In automatic mode the gun automatically cools itself down and shuts off when it is placed on holder, manual mode keeps the airflow going all the time, it is especially useful with frequent use.
  • Soldering iron has 10 min sleep function that saves energy and soldering tips.
  • Extra 5V USB output port which can be used for charging mobile phones.
  • More beefier and durable 4mm power terminals allow greater current flow.
  • Based on latest SMT design, which ensures the reliability and endurance of the product.

Included in the box:

  • 853D 3A Soldering Station with hot air gun and power cable
  • Soldering iron (900M-T-B tip installed)
  • Soldering iron holder +gun frame+test cables
  • 4 spare air nozzles: 5mm, 8mm, 10mm and 13mm square
  • manual

Yihua 853D 3A 3in1 Hot air, soldering iron, and power supply

The same things as I commented on the 1A version applies, with the following exceptions/additions. It it a bit faster achieving temperatures for both hot air and soldering. The power supply functions on borh 1A and 3A are the same, and now after a week I have found them to be ok and as precise as could be expected, around +/- 1 digit. Both supplies work over 0.1-50V but the potentiometers are quite inexact, or better put - it is hard to set an exact voltage, and keep it there. I set it to 5V but by mistake came to touch the know setting it to less than 1V. Of course the fuse blew! Since you cannot limit current - fuses are a must - but I think every experienced person has them? Even though, if you need 3A this price/performance is indeed very good.

Leho Lainoja

Olen kasutanud seda seadet kokku umbes kaks kuud, töötab kenasti ja enamus tööd elektroonikaga saab kõik tehtud. Kõik töötab nagu peab ja olen väga rahul. Ideaalne abivahend hobikorras mobiiliparandajale :)

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Yihua 853D 3A 3in1 Power Supply, Soldering Iron and Hot Air

Yihua 853D 3A 3in1 Power Supply, Soldering Iron and Hot Air

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