Yihua 853D 1A 3in1 Ho air, soldering iron and power supply


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Data sheet

Working voltage 230VAC EU, UK or AU plug
Iron power 50W
Iron heater element type 133A
Temperature control type PID controller
Iron Sleep Yes
Hot air element type 25 mm (1 in)
Air pump type Brushless fan
Hot air bracket sensor Yes

More info

Yihua 852D 3 in 1 multifunctional tool has all the good benefits of a 2 in 1 rework station including soldering iron and hot air gun, but in addition it has a built in adjustable power supply thus taking less space on your work bench. A switch near the power outlet also allows you to measure external voltage, making it 4 in 1 multitool. The product is ESD safe.

Technical Data:

Power consumption:  700W+50W+15W=765W±10%(max)
Input Voltage: 230V

Hot Air:

Air flow: 120L/min
Output power: 700W
Temperature stability: ±2°C
Gun type: Brushless fan
Heater type: 25 mm
Gun Temperature range: 100-480°C

Soldering Iron:

Work Voltage : 26V AC
Output power: 50W
Temperature stability: ±2°C
Soldering Iron Temperature range: 200-480°C
Soldering Iron type: 907O
Heater type: common

DC Power Supply:

Output power: 15W
Output voltage: 0-15V
Output current: 1A
Load stability: <0.01±2mv
Ripple dB: <1mvrms (virtual value)
Temperature coefficient: <300PPm/°C
Protection starting current: >standard value 10%
recovery time: <100us


  • The Soldering station, Hot air rework‘s temperature are using Intelligent Fuzzy logic PID control, therefore the temperature steady-state drift is relatively small, it overcomes the drift quite quickly even in a harsh environment.
  • Soldering iron sleep function. Enters sleep temperature after 10 min.
  • Temperature scale conversion °c/°F.
  • Fan's airflow capacity, Soldering Iron and Hot air rework's temperature are all adjustable, the power supply voltage is shown on the LED digital display, and it is constantly updated.
  • Soldering iron, Hot air rework and dc power supply are using independent dual-core micro-controller, which means they can work independently, when the problem occurs on one tool it does not affect the others. Dual-core CPU is used to avoid failures.
  • Hot air rework, soldering iron are equipped by variety of fault protection
  • The DC power supply has durable 4mm terminals and also a 5V USB output, especially useful for repairing mobile phones.
  • Two separete LED screens for current and voltage display. The valuse are measured accurately and updated constantly.

  • A professional steel iron holder with brass wool solder tip cleaner. (some baches may also include rosin in the tip cleaner jar)

Included in the box:

  • 853D Soldering Station with hot air gun and power cable
  • Soldering iron (900M-T type tip installed)
  • Soldering iron holder +gun frame+test cables
  • 4 spare air nozzles: 5mm, 8mm, 10mm and 13mm square
  • manual
Jaanus Klemmer

Jaanus K

Igati normaalne seade. Väga mugav jootekolb, kiiresti saavutab töövalmiduse. Soovitan julgelt.

Ingemar Skarpås

Yihua 853D 1A 3in1 Hot air, soldering iron, and power supply

Have tested all aspects of things and it works real nice, quick to heat but hot air and soldering tip. Power supply works fine - but take notice - you cannot limit current - you need your own fuse holder and fuse. But this is just as advertised. It says 3in1 but you actually have 4in1 considering you have a voltage test switch and input. My test voltage was approximately 0.1V off, reading was 6.4V while handheld calibrated VOA meter said 6.54V. Haven't tested if the voltage test will also display current (A), but will probably not! Used as a power supply I think the current showing (A) is close enough. The "auto" feature is real nice - I tested "manual" but went back to "auto" feeling more safe that way. The soldering tip is a very pointy one, as it should be considering the suggested use. For old style soldering you need other tips. The only downside of this package is the manual/handbook, the translation from Chinese to English is terrible - feels like a 10 year old child who studied English for 3 years, no more. All things mentioned here also apply to the 3A version, although heating is even faster.

george anastasiadis

i almost have this station for a year
only good things i can tell you for that..!!!
totally reccomended

Matt Quinn

This is a fantastic little unit at an amazing price.

Box: Solid and well-constructed with dorsal carry-handle. Inside, build quality is good, although you might want to trim the power LED's leads as they protrude a little, but not dangerously so. Perhaps this was just my unit.Power FET protrudes from back and can get quite hot. If using the iron, air-gun and supply at max VA simultaneously for any length of time I would recommend installing a heat-sink, but not many applications would require this.
Switches/buttons are solid and tactile. Iron can be detached/replaced via socket at front, but air-gun removal would be a little more involved(but not onerously so).

Soldering Iron: 200-480c fits all Hakko tips. For best heat transfer keep contact surface clean, and tip-attachment tight. Very fine steel tips (_1mm) can take a few seconds to melt existing solder joints. Use the largest practicable tip for the job for faster reflow.

Hot Air Gun: Somene has really put some thought into this. Heat-up and cool-down are time-controlled to extend life of heating element. Air-flow-volume is finely controllable, so turn it down for discretes to stop the air blowing them away(lol), but crank it up for IC's. You'll never want to use DIPs ever again. Never done hot air reflow before and it worked first go. Hint: use _tiny_ amounts of solder paste, or you'll be removing unwanted bridges for a while.

Power Supply: Up to 1A at 0-30V in 0.1V increments. VERY handy bench supply, which doubles as an Ammeter and Voltmeter(up to 200V DC). Initially this was a 'nice-to-have', but I can't imagine not having it now, especially when on-the-go.

RF strength meter??? I don't think so...

***** 5 stars. For the price this is your hobbyist-_serious amateur's all-in-one solder station. It has opened up the world of SMD for me in a big way. Buy it!

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Yihua 853D 1A 3in1 Ho air, soldering iron and power supply

Yihua 853D 1A 3in1 Ho air, soldering iron and power supply

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