853AAA+ Preheater with soldering and hot air gun 3in1


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Data sheet

Working voltage 230VAC EU, UK or AU plug
Iron power 75W
Iron heater element type 131A (ceramic)
Temperature control type PID controller
Iron Sleep Yes
Iron shutdown function Yes
Hot air element type 25 mm (1 in)
Air pump type Brushless fan
Hot air bracket sensor Yes

More info

The 853AAA+ BGA rework station is an upgraded version of the 853AAA BGA rework station. The front interface features an aluminum panel designed with an elegant appearance. Built with a 3-segment parameter memory design, the machine can save function modes in different parameters for easier configuration when switching jobs and components. You can set the pre-heating time and air gun operation time to realize automatic de-soldering.


  • Programmable hot air gun and pre-heating platform, the pre-heating platform allows for the setting of the operating time, working temperature, and airflow rate of the hot air gun to realize automatic de-soldering.
  • Temperature compensation function within ±80°C, automatically corrects the hot air gun and soldering iron temperature caused by environmental change or component maintenance and replacement.
  • The timing function allows operating time tracking from the beginning.
  • Air gun protection function will automatically power off the hot air gun if any malfunction occurs for safety assurance.


Machine Parameters
Rated voltage AC 220V±10% 50Hz
Power ≤1270W
300℃The thermostat power of (high-speed PID programmable energy saving) 250W±10%
Working environment 0~40℃ relative humidity<80%
Storage environment -20~80℃ relative humidity<80%
Body size L320xW220xH100mm±5mm
Weight 6.5kg

Parts parameters Hot air gun Soldering iron
Work voltage AC 220V±10% 50Hz AC 26V±10% 50Hz
Output power 650W 75W
Temperature range 100℃~480℃ 200℃~480℃
Airflow type Brushless fan ---
Air Flow 120L/min ---
Temperature Stability ±1℃ (static) ±1℃ (static)
Display Type LED digital display LED digital display
Temperature correction type PID digital program IPID digital program
PID Temperature correction cycle Rapidly 20ms High-speed 100ms
Heating elements Ceramic skeleton heater Imported heater
Tip ground impedance --- <2Ω
Tip of ground voltage --- <2mV

Pre-heater platform
Work voltage AC 220V±10% 50Hz
Output power 600W
Temperature range 50℃--400℃
Temperature stability ±2℃ (static)
Display type LED digital display
Pre-heating platform area 120X120mm
Pre-heating platform material Ceramic heating material
Temperature sensor Type K thermocouple
Temperature range 50℃--400℃

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853AAA+ Preheater with soldering and hot air gun 3in1

853AAA+ Preheater with soldering and hot air gun 3in1

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