Conditions of Use


All goods have 2 year warranty if not noted otherwise. Wear and tear parts like soldering tips, heating elements etc. have 6 month warranty. Usually we require our customers to ship the faulty items back for inspection but on some cases fault can be identified via photographs. In this case returning the item may not be necessary.

Returning Under Warranty Items

Please contact us before sending items back. Please provide detiled explanation of what happened along with your order number. Additional Images can be sent to

Prices and Taxes

We accept payments in EUR and USD currencies through paypal and only EUR currency through bank transfer. All prices include VAT (20%). For customers outside EU, the tax is subtracted form order total at checkout. Also business clients within EU, if they have a valid VAT number, will be invoiced wthout tax.

Goods and Payments

In-stock items will be sent out within 1-2 working days. Items not in stock will arrive within 2-3 weeks. Your order will be sent out when all items arrive into stock. if you need to get some items earlyer, please contact us, additional shipping fees may apply. Orders will be fulfilled only after full payment has been received.

Personal Information

Baumtronics will not give your personal information to any third party, except curriers who will receive only necesary information for delivering the goods to the client.