YIHUA 2008D Kuumaõhu jaam, kolm seadistust


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Toitepinge 230VAC EU, UK või AU pistik
Programmeeritavad mälud 3 mälu
Temperatuuri juhtimine PID algoritm
Kuuma õhu küttekeha tüüp 25 mm (1 in)
Õhu pumba tüüp Ventilaator
Puhuri hoidikuandur Jah

Rohkem infot

  • Standard 22 mm diameter hot air output tube, exclusively made for BaumTronics. This ensures that all standard hot air nozzles are compatible with this station. You may find it sold elsewhere with unreliable quick connection nozzles, our model uses solid "tightening screw" style nozzlers.
  • Slick looking brushed aluminium front panel with digital airflow and temperature readouts.
  • Blue light in the background indicate heater status.
  • Three customizable memories can be used to quickly interchange between different airflow and temperature modes. Three preset memories can be easily accssed via separate pushbuttons. This feature can be especially useful for selecting preheating and soldering modes.
  • Standby mode is entered automatically when handle is placed on bracket and the air gun cools down automatically
  • Brushless fan with an extremely good service life provides smooth and uniform airflow. The airflow is digitally controlled from maximum to a very low flow level.
  • Heater element has a super durable ceramic core and large-gauge resistance wire making it resistant to burnouts when compared to similar air heaters.
  • Perfect choice if you are looking for Rework functionality in addition to your soldering station. Great also for shrink tubing.

Tehnilised andmed:

Tööpinge: 220VAC ±10% 
Võimsus: 650W
Kuuma õhu kütteelement: 25 mm Kütteelement
Mõõdud: 138*100*150 mm
Temperatuuri vahemik: 100-480°C
Puhur:Harjadeta ventilaator: 120L/min
Temperatuuri stabiilsus: ±2℃
PID algoritm: 100ms uuendusperiood
Kütteelemendi ehitus: Keraamiline sõrestik
Ühudüüsi tüüp: Standard 22mm, pingutuskruviga

Included in the box: main unit with power cord, hot air bracket, hot air handle with three different size nozzles, manual.


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YIHUA 2008D Kuumaõhu jaam, kolm seadistust

YIHUA 2008D Kuumaõhu jaam, kolm seadistust

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