YIHUA 853AA 2in1 function preheating rework station


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Toitepinge 230VAC EU, UK või AU pistik
Temperatuuri juhtimine PID algoritm
Kuuma õhu küttekeha tüüp 25 mm (1 in)
Õhu pumba tüüp Ventilaator
Puhuri hoidikuandur Jah

Rohkem infot

1. YIHUA-853AA, BGA rework station is 2 in 1 BGA rework equipment integrated with the preheating station and hot air gun. It is designed with the latest SMD technology, on the basis of the current market demand.
2. The temperature control part masters the core technology. The air guns use SAMSUNG microchip PID control procedures to speed 100ms cycle of real-time tracking and real-time correction of the air gun outlet wind and soldering iron tip temperature. Therefore, the rework station comes with high temperature stability.
3. PID speed 100ms rapid temperature correction, high energy efficiency conversion at a constant temperature help lower the power consumption. This equipment saves more energy than the comparable machines.
4. The rework station comes with the air gun handle safety protection. After connected to the power supply, it won’t start the normal working until the handle has been placed on the air gun frame. If the handle is not put on the air gun frame, the main unit couldn’t get the safety directs. The purpose is to effectively prevent the damage caused by the unknown circumstances that the air gun is placed in the areas of fire or other places.

Technical data:

Power consumption: 720W
Working Voltage: 220-240 VAC
Power Consumption: 1200W
Preheating station
Temperature Range: 50~400  °c / 152~752 °F
Temperature Stability: ±2  °c
Display Type: LED
Area: 120*120mm
Hot Air Gun
Air Flow: ≤130L/min
Airflow type: brushless fan spiral out wind
Temperature Range: 100  °c -480  °c /212°F ~896 °F
Temperature Stability:  ±2  °c
Display Type: LED
Handle cable length: ≥100cm

Included in the box: main unit with hot air gun, hot air bracket, adjustable hot air bracket, four different size nozzles, , manual, power cord( EU, UK or AU type).


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YIHUA 853AA 2in1 function preheating rework station

YIHUA 853AA 2in1 function preheating rework station

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