KD3003D Encoder Controlled 30V/3A Power Supply


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Working voltage 230VAC EU, UK or AU plug


KORAD KD series offers a low cost high precision benchtop power supply with two optical encoders for voltage and current adjustment. Te knobs are also pushable for more user friendly adjustments. Due to linear regulation the output is very low noise. The clean and slim design takes very little room on your bench and makes it easy to have many units side by side.


Main Features:

  • Complete digital control
  • Industrial grade, with load for a long time
  • Encoder-controlled fine & coarse adjustment
  • Intelligent temperature-controlled fan
  • Compact design
  • Constant current & constant voltage
  • Current preset
  • 4-digit display
  • 10mV / 1 mA high accuracy and resolution
  • Low noise and ripple
  • Knob Lock function to avoid improper operation



Voltage Range / Current Range

0-30V  /  0-3A

Load Regulation

Voltage: ≤0.01%+2mv  /  Current: ≤0.1%+5mA

Line Regulation

Voltage: ≤0.01%+3mv  /   Current: ≤0.1%+3mA

Setup Resolution

Voltage: 10mV   /     Current: 1mA

Setup Accuracy( 25 ? + - 5 ? )

Voltage: ≤0.5%+20mV   /   Current: ≤0.5%+5mA


Voltage: ≤1mVrms    /    Current: ≤3mArms

Temp. Coefficient

Voltage: ≤150ppm  /  Current: ≤150ppm

Read Back Accuracy

Voltage: 10mV   /   Current: 1mA

Read Back Temp. Coefficient

Voltage: ≤150ppm  /   Current: ≤150ppm

Reaction Time(10% Rated load)

Voltage: ≤100mS   /   Current: ≤100mS

Operation Environment

Indoor use
Altitude: ≤ 2000m
Ambient temperature 0 ~ 40°C
Relative humidity ≤ 80%


User manual, Power cord (1.2M),

Weight and Dimension

3.6kg  /  110(W)*156(H)*260(D)

Storage Environment


Ambient temperature   –10? ~ 70?
Relative humidity       ≤ 70%

Keywords: Digital control, OVP, OCP, LOCK, CE, ROHS


This is 230V unit

Ships with EU, UK or AU plug according to your country.

Included in the box: Main unit, Mains Cable, Manual.

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KD3003D Encoder Controlled 30V/3A Power Supply

KD3003D Encoder Controlled 30V/3A Power Supply

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