YIHUA 937BD+ digital display Soldering Station


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Working voltage 230 VAC, EU plug
Iron power 75W
Iron heater element type 131A (ceramic)
Temparature control type PID controller
Iron Sleep No
Iron shutdown function No



High quality soldering station capable of doing lead free soldering. It uses 75W Japan made heater which ensures the long life and reliability of the product. It features a Samsung microcontroller which ensures precise temperature stability and quick warmup. The product is ESD safe.


Model Number: YH-939BD+
Input Voltage: 230V
Output Temperature: 200-480 °C
Power consumption: 75W
Iron cable type: Soft silicone
Heater type: High quality, made in Japan


What's in the box: main unit + power chord, manual, soldering iron with tip (900M-T type), holder with sponge.


Thiscis a well made station that is easy and comfotable. One switch for on/off and a knob for changing the temperature. Minimum temperatur to one side is 200 deg - standby. The iron heats up fast with about 15 sec to 310 deg, standby to 310 deg about 8 sec. The cable is flexible and comfortable, the iron offers a lot of power with the bigger tips -4mm roud - and with smaller ones very good for smd parts.

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Kirjoita oma arvostelusi

YIHUA 937BD+ digital display Soldering Station

YIHUA 937BD+ digital display Soldering Station

Kirjoita oma arvostelusi

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