948D II Jootejaam tinaimuriga 190W 3in1


6.000 kg


225,00 €

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Toitepinge 230VAC EU, UK või AU pistik
Kolvi võimsus 90W
Temperatuuri juhtimine PID algoritm
Kolvi ootereziim Jah
Kolvi autom. väljalülitus Jah

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  • Programming temperature control technology controlled by a built-in PID controller tracks the temperature of each soldering iron in real-time and corrects the temperature quickly and with minimal tolerance.
  • Intelligent interchange between the vacuum soldering iron and high frequency soldering iron. If you need to change to high frequency soldering iron, you just simply take off the vacuum soldering iron from the handle and connect it with the high frequency iron and the system will automatically detect and read the previous high frequency soldering iron temperature setting.
  • The soldering irons are powered by an isolation transformer that will automatically stop if the high frequency soldering iron or vacuum soldering iron is removed.
  • Desoldering tips included: 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.2mm.


Power 190W
Power Supply AC 110V ±10% 60Hz/AC 220V~240V 50Hz
Vacuum Soldering Iron Power 130W
High Frequency Soldering Iron Power 90W
Electric Soldering Iron Power 60W
High Frequency/Electric Soldering Iron Temperature Range 200℃~480℃
Vacuum Soldering Iron Temperature Range 350℃~480℃
Display Types LED digital display
Temperature Stability ±1℃ (static)
High Frequency Soldering Iron Heating Coil Voltage AC36V ±10% f=380kHz
Electric Soldering Iron Heating Coil Voltage AC26V ±10%
Vacuum Pump Power 12W
Vacuum Pump Pressure 0.05MPa
Tip ground impedance < 2Ω
dimension L250*W186*H134mm±5mm
Weight 6.1kg
Wire Length ≥120cm
Working Temperature 0~40℃/32℉~104℉
Storage Temperature -20℃~80℃/-4℉~176℉
Storage Humidity 35%~45%


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948D II Jootejaam tinaimuriga 190W 3in1

948D II Jootejaam tinaimuriga 190W 3in1

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